Fuzzy logic is a methodology for exploiting the tolerance for imprecision to achieve tractability, robustness, low solution cost and better relation with the reality. Given the maturation of fuzzy logic, we intend to dedicate this book to exploring the recent and breakthroughs in fuzzy sets, fuzzy logic, Fuzzy control and soft computing in favour of intelligent system engineering. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • New trends in fuzzy sets, logic and control;
  • Soft computing;
  • Fuzzy learning systems;
  • Fuzzy controllers;
  • Neuro-fuzzy systems;
  • Application of soft computing.
The time schedule for this publication is as follows:
  1. Manuscript submission: April 2nd., 2004 (Closed)
  2. Authors Notification: June 24th., 2004(Delayed to July 12th.)
  3. Camera-ready submission: September 3rd., 2004
If you intend to contribute to this book, please send an e-mail to the editor informing the title of the chapter and its abstract.

For further details, please do not hesitate to contact the editors Nadia Nedjah and/or Luiza Mourelle

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